7 Best Portable Toilets for Camping with Kids

Make potty training easier when you're camping by bringing your own portable toilet.  Check out this list of the best portable toilets for your next family camping trip.

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“Um, where are we supposed to go to the bathroom?!”  It is one of the first questions that will arise when camping with kids.  Depending on where you are camping, you can usually find a restroom without an issue.  However you might come across a time when you won’t. This is where having one of the best portable toilets comes in handy. 

Whether you’re looking for a portable toilet for an RV or just something basic for your next camping trip with kids, a portable toilet offers the convenience and removal of worries when you’re away from bathroom facilities.  

There are so many different types and brands available that you might find it difficult to pick a good portable toilet that fits their needs.  Listed below are some of the best portable toilets for your next family camping trip.

6 Best Portable Toilets

Luggable Loo

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  • Affordable 
  • Compatible with most garbage bags 
  • Easy to clean


  • Too tall for small kids

The affordable Luggable Loo is pretty straightforward, easy-to-clean portable toilet option. Honestly it is really just a bucket with a lid, but it’s also a bucket with a lid that’s specifically designed to be a portable or camping toilet.  So it’ll serve you a bit better than your standard 5 gallon bucket. 

Its simple design makes it useful in a wide variety of situations, which is evident from the positive reviews from truckers, family campers, and road trippers. 

Hovermaster Hands-Free Portable Camping Toilet

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  • The most lightweight portable toilet.
  • Delivers the said hands-free experience.
  • Made of sturdy materials; strong enough to support heavy weight.


  • Requires digging a hole beneath and collection of the waste if needed.
  • Cleaning up after use can be extremely dicey.
  • Might be hard for smaller children

The Hovermaster 4000 takes things a little further in an effort to deliver a hands-free portable toilet. It essentially helps you to assume a sitting or squatting position as you do your business into a dug hole beneath. Not quite a toilet seat, but we had to force it into this category for convenience.

Kalencon Potette

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  • Lots of color options 
  • Can stand alone or attach to a standard toilet 
  • Lightweight 
  • Collapsible


  • Only comes with 3 liners

The Kalencon Potette is a kids’ version of a portable toilet has truly been a lifesaver for reviewers, particularly on long drives. The toilet can stand alone in “seat mode” or, when its hinged legs are folded up, be affixed to the top of a standard toilet for potty training. 

It’s designed for children up to 50 pounds (when used as a standalone toilet), fully collapsible, and comes in a pretty stylish range of color combinations.

Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet

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  • Great height
  • Multipurpose
  • Has a wide base for improved support
  • Removable pail and lid; allows for easy and non-messy cleanups


  • Made of plastic thus components might break or crack over time
  • No doodie bags included with purchase
  • The removable lid on the pail must be removed to be able to use the toilet

The Basicwise portable toilet adds some style to the basic bucket-type design. It features a removable pail housed underneath the actual toilet ensuring you bring a little hominess with you when exploring the outdoors.

You can use 4-8 gallon waste bags on the bucket without much hassle. Also, the whole toilet system is lightweight and can be easily transported in its carry case.

Green Elephant Portable Toilet Seat

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  • Lightweight, easily foldable and portable
  • Has a standard-sized toilet seat
  • Very Sturdy


  • Short for some people

The Green Elephant Portable Toilet is easy to put together, lightweight, and simple to store.  To use the toilet, place either a bucket (the company recommends a two-gallon bucket) underneath the seat or attach a trash bag, then discard. 

Reviewers report that the seat is comfortable — it’s the least it could do! — and the legs, which are made of stainless steel, are sturdy. 

Porta Potti Curve

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  • Ideal seat height and design
  • Battery-operated flush plus support for a manual operation
  • Relatively high capacity holding tanks; 4-gallon freshwater tank and 5.5-gallon waste water tank
  • Available in grey and white colors
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Occupies a fairly large footprint; 17.6 inches high, 15.2 inches wide.
  • A hold-down kit may be needed to prevent the 5.5-gallon water tank from toppling over especially when in transit.
  • The sleek design and added features come at a premium price.

Porta Potti Curve from Thetford will be a perfect fit for your family camping needs. Long gone will be the days of digging cat holes in the wild or dashing 100 meters to the campground toilets at night.

This portable toilet is the most expensive on this list, but it also imitates an actual toilet most accurately. If it’s features you’re after, this is likely the best choice for you: It has a tank level indicator, a toilet paper dispenser integrated into the unit, a battery-powered flusher, and a spout that will make the emptying process smoother. 

Whichever portable toilet you choose, you might want to consider purchasing a portable toilet tent.  This will give you the privacy you need and are looking for.  

Buyers Guide to the Best Portable Toilets

What kind of portable toilet do I need?

Figuring out why you need a portable commode is usually a good start in your process of budgeting for one. Some common uses for these toilets include:

  • For recreational activities such as hiking, camping, RVing, hunting, and fishing,
  • For emergency situations like natural disasters,
  • For environmental concerns,
  • For construction work environments and,
  • As an alternative for when your indoor plumbing is busted.

Whichever purpose you intend for the portable toilet, it is important to feature it in your final decision. Generally, composting toilets work well for the environmentally-focused folks and a folding toilet will be easy to pack and carry for camping or boating adventures. There are lots of portable and camping toilets out there, but the ones we address here boil down to a few basic categories.

  • Bucket toilets: These are camping toilets that are basically just buckets. Most come with seat attachments and ultra-fitted lids to block odors when the toilet isn’t in use. If you’re able to dispose of waste immediately, though, you can also just use a regular bucket fitted with a garbage bag.
  • Flushable portable toilets: This kind of portable toilet has a built-in flusher, which means waste will travel from the bowl to a tank below. Some flushers are battery-powered and others are manual. 
  • Portable toilets for kids: This smaller version of a portable toilet is designed specifically for children and often used for potty training. They’re generally foldable and made of plastic. 
  • Foldable toilets: This kind of portable toilet can be folded relatively flat for storage, which means it’s a good option for car camping

For anything you will ever buy, variety will always exist according to price. Same goes for portable toilets.nNo matter the make of the porta potty, always look into your wallet before telling the cashier you are getting a specific one. Always get the best portable toilet that is within your budget limit.

Portable Toilet Supplies

In addition to your portable toilet, you may want some portable toilet accessories to make the whole experience a bit more comfortable. 

In general, biodegradable deodorizer packs are a smart move for any portable toilet with a bowl. There are several Tide Pod-esque options available. And if you’re on the road, be sure to prepare hand sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper, and perhaps a homemade hand-washing station.

How to Dump Your Portable Toilet

You cannot dump waste from your portable toilet into any old garbage can. So where does it all go? If you’re camping, there will likely be a place marked for waste disposal at your campsite, and you should empty and clean your camping toilet there. 

In all cases, make sure you clean the toilet thoroughly with cleaner and a scrub brush after emptying. If you plan to store your portable toilet for an extended period of time, make sure it’s completely dry before you stash it — this will help keep it from molding while it’s packed away.

What Do You Do With Toilet Paper

In a bucket toilet, it is safe to dispose of toilet paper along with your waste. In fact, you can even bury toilet paper if you’re going with the boy scout method as it is biodegradable and will break down rapidly (as long as the hole is 6-8” deep).

You can check out our other guides for more best family camping gear.

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Don't stress about finding a restroom intime for your kids.Check out this list of the best portable toilets for your next family camping trip.